The Pantone 2017 palette is Greenery!

Photo courtesy Pantone Color Institute

Greenery is this year’s Pantone color of 2017. More subdued than last years color, this hue of yellowish-green resembles the earthiness of rich green grapes. The 2017 palette is versatile enough to complement other colors. Also, if you need a chic statement piece the Pantone color of the year works great. More over, it is Perfect for winter trends. Greenery is a must for your next addition to your wardrobe. Here are three ways you can work this staple color into your ensemble this year:

First, a flowing dress by free people shows the yellowish-green hues of the garden. 

Next, a coat, sweater, or jacket is an easy and striking way to incorporate these new hues into any winter attire. While this Free People jacket is a timeless shade and looks incredible as outerwear, it also has the zesty, fresh look for 2017.

And finally, for 2017, the  answer to the “red dress” is a more subdued, fresh hue. A mustard-green dress is a natural look and will surely turn heads, while still being extremely versatile. For example, Ellen Tracy’s dress from Nordstrom can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Please share your comments on how you are using the 2017 Pantone palette this year.