Prozac was one of the first anti-depression drug treatments that became a household word. Since then, it seems like more people are taking medications for depression. I wonder how previous generations coped with depression before the use of anti-depression medications like prozac.

Carrie Fisher was one of the brave people to use her celebrity for the advancement of the understanding of depression and bi-polar disease. She, like so many used alcohol and drugs to ease the pain and to cope with her serious mental illness. In addition, she also used humor, even after she passed away, to cope with her mental state. Her urn was made in the shape of a prozac bottle. Talk about getting the last laugh.

Her life gave awareness to millions of people who suffer from these kinds of diseases. She took depression and bi-polar disease out of the closet!

Some people aren’t comfortable using prescription drugs like prozac to deal with mental illness, anxiety, or depression. If you are someone that does try to combat depression or anxiety with holistic remedies, I highly recommend these “good mood” drops I found at my local health food market. 
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