If you want to enjoy life you have to master the art of living in the moment. This concept has been labelled, “mindfulness” by the New Age Movement, but this teaching can be practiced by people of faith too. In mindfulness teaching you are taught to allow thoughts to flow through your consciousness without grabbing a hold of them.

If you focus on your thoughts you run the risk of rumination-thinking the same thought over and over again. There is much more to the teaching on mindfulness but these are some of the very basic ideas.

As I searched the topic, I began to find scripture challenging its’ readers to practice mindfulness. For instance, the scriptures talk about, “taking every thought captive”.

This would seem to be the opposite of a mindfulness approach, but in actuality it is the same thing. You decide in the moment if this is something God would want you to dwell on, if it isn’t you let it move through your consciousness. The challenge is to remain non-judgmental of the thought. As christians it is easy to fall into a black and white mentality.

Scripture teaches its’ readers “to not worry”. In the development of your relationship with God you begin to trust Him for your needs rather than worry about what you will do or eat or where you will go. Less worry allows you to live in the moments of your life, more of the time. Worry can rob us of the present.

Another scripture teaches its’ readers to “dwell on things that are good and pleasing to God”. God wants us to think about Him, and His love for us and others.

We can all benefit from learning how to live in the moment. I say, “learn” because it takes practice. In the moment is where life happens. I heard a pastor say recently that it is hard to know God if we are not in the moment because that’s where He is.

Enjoy life one moment at a time!

Bible verses: 2 Corinthians 10:5, Matthew 6:25, Philippians 4:8.