Eating healthy fats is like taking a chill pill!

bone broth
Our culture has been so concerned with eating too much fat we’ve neglected healthy fats.
Good fats can cure anxiety and leave us feeling relaxed. Fats help improve your mood.
Hormone imbalances resulting in bad PMS and a challenging Menopause can be greatly improved just by eating a diet laced with healthy fats.

So, at your next meal make sure to include a tablespoon of one of the following:

1.) Coconut Oil

2.) Raw Butter

3.) Organic Olive Oil

4.) Duck Fat

duck fat

5.) Raw Ghee


6.) Beef Tallow

beef tallow
These are just a few excellent sources of healthy fats. Add them to your diet and you will be amazed by the numerous health benefits of eating nutritious fats.

Happy eating!