You might ask, “Why would I want to make my own toothpaste?” First, the ingredients in most store-bought products contain things you shouldn’t ingest. Another problem with the store-bought is the FDA regulates it as a cosmetic not a food!

Furthermore, if you are like me occasionally you swallow toothpaste. And we all know kids swallow when they brush.

Finally, the label on store-bought products says if you ingest too much seek professional help. Consequently, if something has the potential to poison me, I don’t want to use it on a daily basis!

Here are three chemicals found in toothpaste.

1.) Sorbitol and saccharin are both sweeteners we should avoid. Because of the sweet taste kids have been known to ingest it.

2.) Glycerin is added to make toothpaste “pasty”. It takes over 40 rinses to get it off the teeth.

3.) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a “foaming agent and degreaser” used for washing cars! Some people have associated canker sores with the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Whether you decide to purchase healthier toothpaste or make your own, you will be doing something good for your health.

Finally, for more information on maintaining healthy teeth we recommend Ramiel Nagel’s book, “Cure Tooth Decay”

Happy brushing!