It is always nice to see celebrities being considerate and kind human beings when the camera is off. We typically assume that many celebs give back to the world for the good press and epic photo opportunity. However, when they do something kind or generous on their own accord it means so much more!

That is what famous and beloved actor Keanu Reeves did when he was riding the New York subway. It truly proves that he might actually be a good man after all. He had no idea any eyes were on him, much less a camera. There are many places a celebrity can be caught being sweet to others, but the subway is certainly a surprising place. Known for putting courtesy and kindness aside, the New York subway is no the typical location for a random act of kindness especially from the rich and famous.

Reeves did something very chivalrous for a young woman and it was too adorable. Thankfully, a young woman caught the moment on her phone and posted it to YouTube with the caption, “Keanu Reeves is a gentleman. Yep! Who knew? Hate all you want, but the dude has class!” This video made girls instantly fall even more in love with him!