3 Ways To Keep A Positive Outlook In Gloomy Weather

Everyone knows how much of drag it can be to wake up on a summer morning expecting to be welcomed by the sunshine and instead be greeted by cloudy gloom.

happy woman

Here are three ways we recommend to stay upbeat and not give into to the June gloom melancholy.

1. Wear bright colors. Just because the sunshine decided to take a day off doesn’t mean you should blend in with what you wear. Go for the bright colors, it just might surprise you how it changes your day.

2. Bring the outside in. Put some brightly colored flowers around the house. There is just something about colors in nature that have the ability to lift your mood.

3. Go for a walk. Don’t give in to the urge to cozy up with a blanket and stay on couch. Go outside and breath in some fresh air. Take the time to appreciate the calm kept in feeling that clouds bring.

Until the next sunny day- Happy reading!