If you think pregnancy is something that can hold you back from physical activity, this pregnant mom will single-handedly prove you wrong! Colorado mom, Elizabeth Marberry, shows us what it means to be pregnant and fit.

The adorable expectant mother posted a video of herself busting a move while extremely pregnant. Not only is she able to move with effortless agility, but her moves are actually quite impressive! Her hip hop routine could challenge people who aren’t expecting a baby in a few weeks.

Elizabeth has posted before about dancing while pregnant and has received some harsh criticism. Many people say her aggressive dance style is damaging to the baby and it is selfish of her to do this while expecting.

However, many health organizations disagree! This mom is keeping herself healthy and, therefore, keeping her baby healthy! She also knows her limits and will not do moves that could hurt herself or her child. She simply wanted to prove that she still has the moves!

Elizabeth captioned her video saying, “I…hope [the video] empowers other pregnant women to keep pursuing whatever makes them happy.” She is so right! We should all explore ways to stay happy and healthy while pregnant and keep participating in activities that bring us joy! No doubt, this baby will be born a natural dancer! Check out this young mom’s awesome dance moves in her video below!