Workouts are supposed to be exhilarating not exhausting. As a result, if we are regularly bringing our bodies to exhaustion this can do more harm than good. Consequently, over a long period of time we can become depleted of important minerals and nutrients.

According to Dr. Mercola “a really important part of creating optimal fitness is recovery.  An equation to keep in mind is that as intensity increases, frequency can be diminished”.

For example when you are just starting a workout program, light to medium exercise 4-5 times a week is a good place to begin. But, as your intensity increases your body needs more time to recover. So, lowering the frequency and spacing out your workouts is better for your body.

Here are three ways to help “exhilarate instead of exhaust” your body:

1.Knowing your body.

Take the time and energy to pay attention to your body and listen to what it is telling you. Most of us are busy watching the time and calories add up, instead of listening to what our body is telling us.

barre class

2.Practicing self-control.

All of us work out junkies know that once endorphins kick in we want to push ourselves harder and work out longer. However, we have to start training ourselves to see this “as a job well done” and begin to take the intensity down. And don’t forget, you are burning calories at an accelerated rate after your workout is done! Therefore, take advantage of an easy calorie burn and do what is best for your body.


If we do not take the time to properly recover our muscles can’t reshape and strengthen. As a result, our bodies will not be able to replenish vital money minerals and nutrients after each workout.

We are all striving for what is most effective, so hopefully these tips help us work out smarter and not harder.

Until next time – have a good work out.