When student, Dino Shuffield started the third grade he was too excited! So much to look forward to made Dino a very happy little boy. However, when he began slowly losing his hair his year took a sudden turn. Dino was later diagnosed with alopecia areata which is an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles. He was sad to see his hair slowly shedding and came to the sad realization that he would go bald.

His teacher, Ehren Steiner, decided to have a talk with him about possibly letting go and completely shaving his head. Seeing the sadness in his eyes, Ehren made a decision right there. That Friday afternoon they made an agreement that if Dino shaved his head, Ehren would shave his too! Dino agreed, but didn’t believe he would actually do it. When they both showed up to school on Monday, Dino was shocked!

“My jaw dropped. I’m like, ‘He actually did it,’” Dino told WESH News. Ehren rocked his new shaved look with pride to show Dino that there was no shame in being bald! “It stinks sometimes to go through things on your own, and I think if you can have somebody to walk through things with, it makes life more enjoyable,” the teacher said.

Ehren is an amazing example of a teacher who goes the extra mile to show the love and compassion we tell kids to have for one another. He is setting the precedent for his students of how to treat others and show them you care!