Minimalism is a jewelry trend that has taken over the fashion world. While large statement pieces can provide an edgy look, good ones can be difficult to find and wear repeatedly. The minimalist jewelry movement is timeless and effortless. These pieces take an understated look, and allow the material or shape of the piece to be the focal point. These pieces add detail and a delicate edginess to any outfit.

1.) Rings

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Minimalist rings have become extremely popular this year. Basic rings and midi rings are a simple and subtle way to add style.

2.) Earrings

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Earring studs have always been a staple for everyday wear, but by taking an interesting shape or design, a minimalist look can revamp the basic look of studs.

3.) Bracelets

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Thin, simple bracelets are easy to come by, and are simple to pair with any look. Stack them, and you have something a bit more complex, but still classic and stylish.

4.) Necklaces

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Necklaces are an obvious and extremely simple way to incorporate minimalism into your style. Minimalist necklaces are easy to pair with an everyday ensemble and are also easily stackable to add organic complexity.

4.) Body Chains

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Lately, the body chain is a minimalist look that is a bit more edgy. However, by keeping it  simple and pairing it with an understated look, you can make your outfit much more dynamic.