You can’t deny that finding small and unique desserts like pies is hard to find. This dessert idea will become a new favorite! When you find a new dessert recipe it is fun to try it out.  In addition, baking new treats keeps the creativity flowing.

We all remember last year when mason jar desserts were all the rage! Well, this year its all about turning that trend upside-down–literally! You will be baking in the lid of a mason jar.

In addition, these are easy to make and perfect for gifting. If you are hosting a party, making this dessert can be used as an activity. And finally, you can get creative with the fillings and crust design to make each one different and unique! One of my favorite fillings is blueberry.

Because of the different colors and designs you can tailor the desserts to fit any occasion. I think this treat is perfect for your forth of July parties.

So, try your hand at making these mini lid pies and be the first of your friends to bring these adorable desserts to the table.