This winter’s style is all about clean lines and classic styles. So, check out the top five fashion faux pas to avoid this winter.

1. Cropped Sweaters

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Winter is the season for keeping warm, not the time for midriff. Therefore, save the crop tops for summer and bundle up in any of this year’s full length, fashionable sweaters.

2. Printed & Colored Fur

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Fur coats and vests are making a huge comeback this season. However, bright colors and prints used on a fur statement piece completely destroy the integrity of the item. Therefore, if you decide to work this fabulous outerwear, stick with the natural shades.

3. Puffy Jackets

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With the amount of flattering, form fitting coats and jackets coming down the runway this year, there is no excuse to incorporate a puffy jacket into a nice outfit. So, reserve these formless coats for causal wear.

4. Patterned Tights

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Patterned tights can add uniqueness to an outfit, but they can often be unflattering and tacky. Therefore, it is best to avoid these altogether. But if you decide to wear them, stick to a neutral color and simple pattern.

5. Tall, High Heel Boots

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Finally, variations of the high heeled boot can definitely complete an outfit, but they can also easily go wrong. While small heeled booties are totally in style this year, tall boots with an impossibly high heel can destroy an outfit, and are impractical for winter weather.