Lululemon made a yoga class video and it is hilarious. Every single time I’ve gone to a yoga class, I end up fighting off a case of the giggles.

yoga lady

Seemingly ‘normal’ women unroll their yoga mats and proceed to pose in ways my body just can’t. My favorite yoga pose is “happy baby” and the other one where you curl up in a ball.

Where did these women get their super human strength and the ability to balance their entire body weight on one hand? I mean seriously? I’m stuck over here trying to hold downward dog for a minute, meanwhile the women around me look like something out of Circ du soleil.

One thing that I do love about yoga class is the clothes. I’ve never regretted splurging on some lululemon yoga pants, mostly because they last for years and they can survive the wear and tear of countless workouts and my washer machine (just be sure to hang dry).

When lululemon released this video, they scored huge points with me. Being able to laugh at the yoga culture made me like both Lululemon and yoga a little bit more. Enjoy this hilarious video and be sure to tell us what you think about yoga class, yoga pants – what brand is your favorite?

Also as a side note, if you do choose to wear yoga pants in public places, make sure to wear a long enough shirt. No one likes cameltoe. It’s a bad look no matter how old you are. Cheers! 🍾